The Audio Visual Group is a full service audiovisual and production company providing breakout room equipment, general session support, computers, exhibitor support, and unparalleled service to the meeting and convention industry.  "Excellent Service" is the recurring feedback received.

  Breakout Rooms

Minimum 3200 lumen HDMI LED projection, Active VGA Switchers, sound, skirted screens to fit, skirted stands, wireless digital mics, and seasoned technicians are SOP (standard operating procedure) at the Audio Visual Group.

  Turn Key Productions

Audio Visual Group provides full service production support for general sessions and productions throughout the United States. Soft and hard set designs, intelligent lighting, concert sound, pre and post production video, live satellite links, teleprompters, robotic cameras, and technical support.


Computer systems for Networks, Computer Labs, Registration, Cyber Cafe's. AV Group also rents laptops, LED displays from 24" to 108", video walls (comprised of 43" and 50" 4k monitors, matrix systems, and LED panels), routers, switchers, and our Data Team is second to none.

  Webcasting Solutions   

There is no limit how many ways we can provide webcasting. But the three most common solutions are:

Lecture capture
More colleges and universities use webcasting to record learning activities and campus events, and manage huge libraries of video-based instruction, than any other lecture capture technology. It integrates with your existing classroom and campus systems to make it easy to take courses online.

Enterprise webcasting
Business, government and other organizations use webcasting to stream executive communications and online training, and leverage video management platform for security, authentication and analytics.

Event webcasting
Meeting and production professionals create hybrid events and virtual meetings using the webcasting platforms or our Events services. You take the meeting to those who cannot attend by complementing the face-to-face experience with viewing over the web, and generate instant knowledge libraries of video presentations at the same time.

 Digital Video and Still Photography

Many of our customers request a digital still catalog of their events and many times we display the progression of the event daily during a luncheon or breakfast with amazing results. A V Group also specializes in "Happy Face" modules taking video clips of the events and editing them on-site with select music and voice-over to create a special 3-12 minute time capsule of the event.

    PowerPoint Presentation Development and Coordination

Tired of the same old print on a stamped background? A V Group uses Digital Juice and Presentation Pro to assist in the development of our customer's presentations. Animation, streaming video inserts, moving backgrounds, and custom design will bring your presentations to life.

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